It’s the middle of October, halfway thru Breast Cancer Awareness month. We celebrate those who have survived, those who are surviving and those we have lost. As I sit and reflect on my friendships, it is so important that we as women support each other. Whether our obstacles are health related, financial, business, family or matters of the heart, we need to be supportive and strong for our sisters.

As we celebrate our first year in business, Gloria and I are aware, now more than ever, the obstacles we face as women in small business.  When we first began this journey, we were told several times we couldn’t compete with the “Amazon effect” and wouldn’t be successful. Well, we didn’t let that stop us. We persevere and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  In fact, it made us even more determined and tenacious.  All of our hard work paid off and we’re here, a year later loving and living our dream. We are continually amazed every day by the strength of women.  We are fearless when we are scared to death. We are strong when we are exhausted. We are a rock when we feel like jello, and we smile while holding back tears. As women, that’s what we do, that’s who we are. There have been many speed bumps on this road we have chosen.  But the bumps and hiccups are nothing compared to the encouragement we hear everyday from our beautiful customers.  They are our champions, they give us strength and confidence to move forward, to continue this journey.

So ladies, when you can, support women in business. Be their cheerleader… be their promoter…be their crusader…be their voice.

As women, we are only as strong as our hairspray we use, the coffee we drink and the girlfriends we have been blessed with.

Embrace your journey and cherish your friendships.

Gloria and Jane